Paul Callister

Dr Paul Callister As a New Zealand based economist, Paul Callister has undertaken research on local, national, and cross-national issues for a wide range of public, private sector and voluntary organisations.

Research interests

Paul's research has primarily focused on education and labour market issues. In relation to the labour market, he has had a long interest in the changing distribution of paid and unpaid work among both individuals and households. Paul has been at the forefront of New Zealand research on the changing role of males in both the labour market and the family. As part of this, he has explored changing patterns of 'assortative mating', including the effects of the 'Man Drought' in New Zealand.

In the educational arena, Paul has published widely on the gender dimensions of changes occurring in that sector. He has also had a long interest in ethnicity, both as a variable within his research and in terms of developing and assessing methodological questions on ethnicity's construction and measurement.

Non-research interests

Paul has always had a passion for protecting and improving the natural environment. He was first involved, at 17 years of age, as an environmental activist through the Hutt Valley Conservation Society and has maintained an active involvement in reforestation ever since. Paul is also a keen tramper.

In recent years, Paul has been heavily involved in volunteer work with both the Nga Uruora - Kapiti bush restoration project and Paekakariki's Queen Elizabeth Park.

In late 2014, Paul joined the Te Araroa Wellington Trust.

Paul occasionally contributes to a public transport transport blog.

Clients and research funding

Completed Foundation for Research, Science and Technology funded projects:

Paul has completed the following 'Emerging Issues' projects which were funded by a consortium of government agencies and undertaken at Victoria University:

Over the last three decades, Paul's New Zealand clients and funders have included: